The Birdcage

by Struwwelpeter

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Act Right 05:08
Sometime you step out of line You forget yourself You're lacking stealth And someday those cute things you say Will bite you in your ass You're lacking class And I'm not one to suffer fools I'm not one to humor tools You've already taken this too far There's a major disparity Between what you think we see And who you really are It's a major conceit, you're what just not to be It's depressing to see that you think I'd be a fan Not just to be a piece of shit, but to revel in it It's amazing to me that you call yourself a man Somehow people still allow Your fatuous shit Too much of it And somewhere you'll be unprepared And you'll be out of luck Until then we're stuck And if I could be there when you Realise you're finally through I would be a happy man indeed It's not going to last that long You already know you're wrong This can't proceed Real men know how to hold tight Real men know how to act right I'll be here to watch the tears It's unraveling The day will come when you'll be done You're just stalling I'm so tired of being fired up Over nothing Because you're nothing You know you're nothing Nothing... And if you think that you're better off this way Then I've got nothing to say I'll let you wallow in the bullshit you create You're an irrelevance and not a lot more You even up your own score The day you implode is a day we'll celebrate
Wish you'd stay far away This has fast become a private hell Never say you're okay Even if you were, I'd never tell Pacified, nothing to hide Keep me calm, give me peace of mind I'll stare at you, it's all I can do Talk to me pleasantly I'll pretend to open up to you What you see, blatantly There's no guessing what we both could do I'm afraid that you might hesitate There's no need to let the hope shine through And I know it's not the answer That you were looking for But I feel it's for the best You don't need me anymore Open up so many doors Suspect you've been here before (You kinda bug me) I'm okay, sunny day Did you think I didn't notice you? What to say? Messing around this way But I hope we both find something new Price to pay, if I may 'Cause you know it's not exactly true What to say? Messing around this way It's my special kind of magic That starts off fine and then winds up tragic I hope we both find something new
Clear summer sky A backdrop for a beautiful lie It's better to lose than to not try Run through my synonyms for 'goodbye' Until I run dry Dark winter day It's the least comforting shade of grey The tether breaks and I drift away It's not an ending, just a delay Now catch your breath Float beyond life and death Then lose your mind Leave us behind Unfairly maligned I'm in the past The dreams of time gone by that don't last The pleasant days are fading too fast Despite how many I had amassed Outshined and outclassed In my defense I'm a man with more senses than sense I don't feel enough to be incensed I'm giving up on my last pretense It's a strange kind of comfort That can ease you in An experimentation An adaptable sin It's the hope you hold onto In the strength of the light I'll be pointing and laughing When you give up the fight I hear applause Although I doubt it's for a just cause A chilling sense of paradise lost The sudden emptiness is the cost
Far Away 03:43
Far away from prying eyes I escape the world I create Stepping back from this ball of lies We'll be fine, just towing the line Like a dream There's a chance we'll do wonderful things Like a charm There's a chance that we'll emerge unharmed Just 'cause the rain is drying up It doesn't mean the sun is coming out It doesn't mean that there's a shred of doubt What goes around comes around Sell a lie to amassed fools Can't explain how it's so contained Stay with me, follow your own rules Itching teeth, so raw underneath Like a choice There's a chance we'll one day find our voice Like a joke There's a chance that we both misspoke Break in half, finally laugh There's no reason you can't follow your path Break away, have your day You can hold your own Promise we can meet halfway Far away...
The world was ours We had the earth, the air, the stars And it was glorious, so victorious Until today I've had to watch it fade away You just devour all your power I take it back I hope and pray this fades to black Erase my memory of who I used to be I'm seldom wrong, it's not my choice to move along I prefer violence to this silence You're afraid of the mess that you made They'd laugh if they saw you I'm amazed, feel like I'm in a daze I can't help but laugh too You're not alone here You're still afraid (High midnight...)
Come into my thoughts It's clear that we ought to be Thinking way more clearly Let's rationalize We're cutting all ties from here Kick ourselves into gear I'll be waiting in line, debating Whether or not I've got something to hide Simple pleasures in simple weather Love me or leave me, just try to decide Take me into the birdcage And shoot me in the head If I'm twitching and screaming Shoot me again, make sure I'm dead Take me down a peg I've been way too negative There's too much to forgive Break my face in half It's good for a laugh or two Smiling as I turn blue In a while I'll be all smiles Reach out my hand and you slap it away My summation, I'm your creation A common or garden variety day I have to smile and laugh at everything you say I have to grin and bear the nightmare either way I'm okay (Today's just another day) It takes a while to die in style Break out the silver and give me a light Combinations of sweet impatience I'm too frustrated to sleep through the night
Common Sense 04:06
I've been on eggshells every night I'm out of steam, I'm out of fight I'm here to make amends There is a reason you're still around Won't rock the boat, won't make a sound That's just common sense Indecipherable but you hear me anyway Always know what you should never say Indistinguishable, we could find ourselves in trouble If we let our expectations rule the day There'll be hell to pay You could be happy wearing my skin Peel it off and slither in See the world through my eyes Better to risk and know how to live Than wait for something else to give I'm here to compromise Walking on eggshells Tiptoeing around the lie I have no malice I'm hardly ever that guy So take my hand and let's fly Do or die, you and I And that's just common sense...
What you think is beautiful troubles me What you're wishing for makes me so uneasy Like a dream where I cannot breathe There's a kind of sad anger in your eyes As the temperature drops the waters rise One more lie and I'll empathize And I'm never this open, never this honest Never this terrified of what I know So I never stop hoping, never find solace Yet strangely mesmerized Where do we go from here? Whenever you act like we're enemies I don't have the patience to tolerate these Frailties and acrimonies If I reached for your hand you'd pull it up If I opened up you'd be on the attack It's the last thing you'd ever lack And although exciting Your soul is frightening to me It's so loud yet silent So cowed yet violent Yet sweet... I'm afraid to say I'm not ready yet I'm afraid to admit I have some regret I'm upset by your silhouette And I'll never stop feeling Glad to be here
I'm center-stage, I'll be waiting here an age Barrier pressed against my ribcage Hours to go 'til the band I'm here for start the show 90,000 metalheads behind me, don't you know? Safety crew are coming through Bring us water, block the view Facing me is #72 Hair aflame, she has no name Glassy eyes, she stands unfazed My angel will get me through today Festival safety crew #72 I think I love you It's not surprising Your sweet face is mesmerizing The blazing heat turns my brain to rancid meat Slowing down but can't admit defeat Choking on air and clumps of unwashed hair And when all's lost I look up and she's there I think I have to admit I'm getting too old of this Passed the days of the drugs and moshpits Throwing water in my face; never had a sweeter taste And she does it with such loving grace They carry lesser men away But I've got stamina today This day will be the greatest of my life If I last 'til the end, I just hope that I survive Although my spine is crushed And my ribcage is dust You know I really must Endure and stay I won't move 'til Faith No More play
Mumblecore 03:48
You're kind of irrelevant You set your own precedent Invented success Feel superior to all of the rest of us Despite everything you do No-one really thinks of you Until you complain Then the whole cycle's repeated again So wake up, you're not refined Just wake up, you're no great mind Please wake up Nobody finds you divine anytime I fear you'll never be convinced Of just where your real place is You're barely aware Take it so personal when life is unfair And you want everybody to love you And find you so riveting You never say anything of consequence Talking for hours without making sense So shut it, nobody cares Just shut it, I really despair Please shut it, answer our prayers And don't share your affairs Don't stop me if you've heard this one before Obviously you don't know you're just a bore Everyone sees this but you We can't take anymore But no, you just keep on signing in Put on your phoney skin Entitlement reigns Your self-importance coursing through your veins
Invisible 03:58
I'm remembering the gossiping, the pretty things I'm reminiscing on fine cuisine and sweet feelings Though I wonder if it matters now I'm gone? What good are memories you'll never pass along? I'm invisible... I would like to see wherever we were meant to be Stare at your coffee, impatiently waiting for me Was I ever here? I'll disappear, I'm in the clear I won't shed a tear, won't have no fear, both far and near I know it's never gonna matter either way What good are recollections predestined to fade? I may not be alive But I'm still standing here in front of you Can you see me? I didn't think so (Shit) I am memory...


The fifth LP from Struwwelpeter, AKA Bristol-based producer Ben Mitchell.
Produced entirely using Propellerhead Reason.


released May 18, 2015

Composed, performed and produced by Ben Mitchell
©2015 Ben Mitchell


all rights reserved



Struwwelpeter Bristol, UK

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