Hell For Leather

by Struwwelpeter

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Eyesight blurring Blessedly Voices straining Gradually Slowly turning grey Breaking down this way Let's get outta here Hold my hand, we'll go together Edges are unclear Moving forward, hell for leather Darling, help me I'm afraid Patronise me Keep me this way Blur another line (Every morning just begin again) Take your own sweet time (Every day survived's another win) Let's get outta here Hold onto my hand and we can go together Edges are unclear You and I both moving forward, hell for leather Hold on tight, I'll drag you down with me Hold on tight passive-aggressively
Am I the only one Who gets the right thing done? Soak up the sun, go traveling Watch as the plan's unraveling Don't fear what I might miss I'll stand my ground on this I'd rather be alive and bored Rather be breathing and ignored My head is too small for my body My brain is too dry for your mouth You like this far too much This regulated touch I've never been this serious Hysterical, delirious A breath of rancid air A fixed, unblinking stare Say what you want, nothing will change Say your prayers on the driving range My sentiments get stuck in my throat My voice is too loud for this room Why can no-one think straight? Think sensibly Employ some common sense Stay still for a while It's not up for debate It's stressing me You're offensive defence Dig in like you're a child And I know you're tired; I'm tired too Don't make me think the worst of you Close your eyes... Without a daily prompt We're all forever stumped Enter the unknown willingly It's really going swimmingly My mind is too loud to know better
Real men know how to hold tight Real men know how to act right Sometimes you step out of line You forget yourself You're lacking stealth And someday those cute things you say Will shatter just like glass You're lacking class And I'm not one to suffer fools I'm not one to humour tools You've already taken this too far There's a major disparity Between what you think we see And who you really are It's a major conceit, you're what just not to be It's depressing to see that you think I'd be a fan Not just to be so counterfeit, but to revel in it It's amazing to me that you call yourself a man Somehow people still allow Your facile remit Too much of it And somewhere you'll be unprepared And you'll be out of luck Until then we're stuck And if I could be there when you Realise you're finally through I would be a happy man indeed It's not going to last that long You already know you're wrong This can't proceed I'll be here to watch the tears It's unraveling The day will come when you'll be done You're just stalling I'm so tired of being fired up Over nothing Because you're nothing You know you're nothing And if you think that you're better off this way Then I've got nothing to say I'll let you wallow in the BS you create You're an irrelevance and not a lot more You even up your own score The day you implode is a day we'll celebrate


'Hell For Leather' - single from the upcoming Struwwelpeter LP 'My Head Is Too Small For My Body', featuring exclusive 'clean' mixes of the tracks 'Worst Of You' (previously unreleased) and 'Act Right' (originally released on the 2015 LP 'The Birdcage') as well as an instrumental version of the title track.


released September 21, 2020

Written, produced & performed by Ben Mitchel


all rights reserved



Struwwelpeter Bristol, UK

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