by Struwwelpeter

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    All music, lyrics & artwork ©2006 Ben Mitchell
    "Superhero USA" features additional material from "Polovetsian Dances" (Alexander Borodin)
    Remaster ©2016-2019 Ben Mitchell
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Rabbit Hole 04:11
Let Slip 05:03
One honest chew Room for two Silly you Let the slip the hordes Of your war And then more Now it's gone again Gone into the wind Now it's gone for sure Gone and insecure Beef consommé Every day Less afraid Rise up again I'm your friend Your stipend Regular sins Always win Let it spin Call me kosher I won't stir From slumber Born out of time Salt and lime Make the rhyme Weddings of fear Nowhere near Up one gear
She's traveling the blue line She doesn't know I'm sitting next to her She doesn't know that we have met before She wouldn't want to think back on that evening She changes at Rayner's Lane She takes the purple down to Preston Road I should've got off back at West Harrow But once again I'm risking everything It's all too easy No-one can see me Setting myself free (Just ask for Rachel) I'm never leaving Steady my breathing I've got a feeling (Just ask for Rachel) It was a night just like this A club that specialised in amnesia She had a brooch shaped like a swastika I guess I really should learn when to shut up The outside air stings my face She's making sure she'll make it back in time To what, it sure ain't no business of mine Tonight coincidence just isn't enough Simpler times with no designs We ruled the world Honest lines and valentines All blowing out the window (Just ask for Rachel...) I can't see anymore We've both been here before We've both been in this weather We don't belong together I'm suddenly wide awake Suddenly see myself for what I am For what I'm doing and what I have planned I don't believe I have the tenacity I'm rooted right on the spot I can't just back away when I'm so close The fact remains that nobody here knows I'll change my tactics so imperceptibly She has a right to remember the truth She has a mind to recover her youth She has a chance to regain everything She has a goal, she is persevering She'll be the one, I see it in her eyes She'll be the one, I know my own disguise She'll show you all one day (Just ask for Rachel...)
There's a time for you that's on its way It's if you see it that'll really count If you even have a shred of doubt Then it's gone for good, touch wood There's a modicum of pettiness That's gonna taint the way you see the chance See your opportunities askance You could lose it all and fall You're blessed at my behest And I'm cheering you on all the way You're gifted, you'll be lifted Just not today That's what I predict (amneurotic) There's a little matter of the debt But something tells me that you're good for it All the patronage just seems to fit We make quite a team it seems There's the elegance about your gait I feel the trust and I can feel the love Don't think I could ever get enough Of the savvy gall you sold That's what I predict Yeah, you got it licked (amneurotic) Look at me, I'm so proud to call you family Hard to see where any of us still left would be There's a way to think out of the box And if you master that there's no end To the possibilities that mend Ever broken word you heard You're working toward the first thing That gives you the edge overall You're sweating but you're ready To rule the world And I'll be alone again But you'll have made it then Out of sight, you're a true and shining spotlight Fight your fight, give 100% outright
Agnosticaust 04:49


The third album from Struwwelpeter, the musical alter-ego of independent producer Ben Mitchell. Featuring the singles "Laughing At A Wall" & "Triumph Of The Apocryphal"


released April 2, 2006

All songs composed, produced & performed by Ben Mitchell featuring:
Lynn Baikir - theremin & vox samples on 10
Celia Claudie - violins on 5, 8 & 14
John Comley - guitars on 3, 12 & 14
Rob Creighton - percussion on 4 & 8, didgeridoo on 13
Alison Eire - drum loops on 1, 6 & 8
Grace Finne - pianos on 7, 8 & 14
Jim Ford - samples on 2, 3, 5, 9 & 11
Analisa Hamilton - saxophone on 13
John Harris - guitars on 4, 7 9 & 13
Adam Holdbrook - bass on 1, 3 & 9
Lee Kislingbury - guitars on 4 & 8
Pete Philips - samples on 1, 4 6, 10 & 12
Chris Richardson - vox samples on 10
Lizzie Silcock - vox samples on 10, brass on 14
Additional royalty-free samples courtesy of Future Music & Power FX


all rights reserved



Struwwelpeter Bristol, UK

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